About 3-1-3 Consulting

Amna Osman, Co-founder


Amna Osman has 20 years of experience as a public health innovator and executive leader.  Her experience is rich in diversity, with positions held in nonprofits, government, international organizations, consulting and academia. Throughout her career, Amna has never lost sight of her commitment to advocating for vulnerable populations. Amna believes that authentic, meaningful relationships are the key to successful organizations.    

During her career, Amna has been appointed CEO and President, of two nonprofit organizations leading significant positive change, focusing on domestic and sexual violence and HIV/AIDS. She served as the Director of the Division of Health, Wellness, and Disease Control for the Michigan Department of Community Health.  As a Senior International Consultant with the United Nations, Amna promoted sustainable industrial development to eradicate poverty in developing countries.

Highly educated, Amna’s accomplishments include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the USIU, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Michigan, successful completion of the Michigan State University Advanced Leadership Program, and a Leading Change diploma from the Macomb’s Executive School of Business in Texas. She is currently achieving her PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

Jody Gleason, Co-founder


Jody is an accomplished and respected human resources leader with over 30 years experience in the private and public sectors.  Her passion is in developing and implementing talent management strategies and programs that improve operational outcomes and maximize available resources.  Her calm, thoughtful professionalism brings out the best in those around her.  

Prior to co-founding 3-1-3 Consulting, Jody held several corporate HR leadership positions, domestically and abroad, with a fortune 50 company and with a local non-profit agency.  She has commensurate experience in HR planning and operations, organizational change and development, team building, and facilitative leadership.  She is able to align business requirements with staffing plans and processes to enhance team performance. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oakland University, and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). 

Jody is active with the NoChild organization, traveling throughout Nepal, India and Kenya ‘because no child should live without hope.’ 

Leslie Stratton, Co-founder

With 28 years of experience in profit, not-for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Leslie’s vast industry experience spans domestic and international organizations including a fortune 500 company, and a global workforce management solutions company.  

With passion and humor, Leslie inspires those around her to achieve impactful business results.   She has held executive positions in Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, and Human Resources.  

She was instrumental in the success of a local start up Michigan bank.  As a leader and change agent, she implemented effective HR programs at an international healthcare system and at an automotive information and marketing solutions company.  

Committed to supporting survivors of domestic and sexual assault, she used her diverse talents serving as a board member, HR director, marketing and PR consultant and volunteer to advance the prevention of domestic and sexual violence at a local nonprofit agency.


Leslie’s Bachelor of Arts degree was earned from Albion College.  She is the recipient of an International Davey award in branding.  Her life is enriched through mission work locally and internationally.