3-1-3 Consulting Services

Service Overview

Founded on the principles of  trust and innovation, 3-1-3 Consulting specializes in strategy execution to achieve targeted business goals.   The 3-1-3 Consulting team represents  over  75 years of domestic, international and multi-sector experience in the areas of leadership, business plan development and  implementation, human resources, marketing, branding and public relations.   Serving fortune 50 to local non-profit organizations, 3-1-3 Consulting’s main focus is partnering with Detroit area businesses. 

Strategic Planning

3-1-3 Consulting can help you develop an impactful strategic plan which delivers results necessary for the future success of your business.  We recognize a strategic plan is only as good as your ability to execute it effectively.   Working closely with your team, we help to identify the current and future desired state of your business to design gap closure tactics.  Your new strategic plan, coupled with these tactics and a robust communication strategy supports your business success. 

Human Resource Optimization

3-1-3 Consulting  recognizes that human capital is key to driving business performance and success.  Our experience in developing and implementing processes, procedures, structures and systems can help you transform your HR function into a true business partner delivering tangible value to your business.